Safety Review – Climbing and Safety Equipment for Mountaineers

Looking for the right mountain climbing gears to use for your next adventure? First, see our review on how to choose the right gears to use for your safety and protection while on top or below the situation.

Here are the things you need to know first:


  1. Gear Availability


To purchase equipment for climbing, you should know that a good range of outdoor equipment can be found in all major cities if you look closely.


There are climbing equipment and hardware that is generally slightly more expensive and the range is more limited than the usual so proper checking is important. Locally made products are world class, but size or colour selections may be limited.


  1. Climbing Boots


It is also up to you if you choose the local or the branded boots. You should remember that only the most popular brands of boots are imported so if you are thinking of tramping, it is better that you should bring your favourite heavy boots from home.


But remember to be prepared for them to be worn out before you return. Always have a spare one when climbing.


  1. Compass


Just to be clear, this one is the most important gadget that a mountaineer should have. Compasses do not function properly in the southern hemisphere if you the northern hemisphere already purchased.


So you better purchased the southern hemisphere compasses as well. There are well known brands that you can purchased near your place.


  1. Safety Clothing


First things first, your climbing clothing should be waterproof. It is essential particularly if the place or the weather is gloomy and the condition is not that sunny.


Little non-thermal clothing is carried, for trampers may have to cope with hypothermic conditions even in midsummer. A warm hat is essential.


  1. Helmets


When it is your first time climbing mountains, a helmet is essential. There are loose rocks and ice fragments that can be a cause of incident so you need to be careful all the time.




  1. Climbing Ropes


Of course, you can’t climb mountains by just using your hands. Ropes are essential and you should purchase the firm ones for safety measure.


  1. Transceivers


This is important particularly for emergency measures. Transceivers can often be hired or purchased from many outdoor shops.


  1. Radios


Now for any reason, it is one of the most important things that you should not forget when climbing the mountains.


Radios are sometimes carried and can be hired from the Mountain Radio Service who will keep in contact with you and weather forecasts.


  1. Portable Stoves


It is commonly used for mountain climbing and even camping. You can purchase fuel at service stations and some hardware shops before you go up the mountain. It is best to explain what you are using it for.


  1. Stored Food


Of course, you need to have this when you are in your mountain climbing adventure. There are supermarkets before you can climb at the mountain and the prices tend to rise away from the main centres.


In addition, these are the most important things that you should remember particularly if it is your first time climbing the mountain. Pack them all up and gear up for your next trip. Go and climb now!

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Personal Journal – My Most Epic Adventure So Far


Hello everyone! Today I will share with you my most epic adventure so far in my entire life. I hope you’ll love it just like I did. So, shall we?


For the summer of this year, my family, friends and long distance pals planned to have an adventure trip that we often would do. We opt to have it done before the end of the year because of our hectic schedules and everything.


As for our first itinerary, we planned to go to Yellowstone National Park first as a whole family, ride the long bikes that I have ever wanted to try ever since it came out in the market and to do white water rafting and viewing wildlife plus geysers because, well, they are amazing.

Last year’s summer vacation was a family reunion on the Jersey shore so we definitely plan this year to be a little different and we should spend our time together for several days.


Our next stop…


The demand is prompting tour operators from National Geographic Society to Walt Disney Co. to develop itineraries that combine excitement and entertainment with comfort and security.


This generation, parents are starting to realize that children are interested in more things than just going down a water slide. Most families aren’t ready to hike the Himalayas, take toddlers to Thailand or sacrifice a hot shower. But many are seeking memorable and educational time with their children.


Now, just like we planned to do, we would like to spend our precious days with our family while enjoying the outside adventure that we include in our itinerary.


Luxury travel is no longer just. It’s about getting off the beaten track. It’s, ‘What can I brag about that I’m seeing that nobody else is seeing” kind of thought. That’s what me and my family have decided to risk this year.


In the 10 years since Adventures by Disney was launched, its itineraries have increased to 30 from two. Earlier this year, the company added long-weekend tours for the general public. For 2016, it is expanding into river cruises with a trip on the Danube, where families can explore castle ruins in Slovakia and climb along a treetop path in Germany.


The kids and I as well would love to visit Disney once again. The last time I went to Disney when I was about 7 years old or so. As for me, people see adventure differently and what makes an adventure may vary from time to time or even from the demands of the public.


We have included traveling to nearby countries and if we can have more time, we can travel to other countries as well. First in our list is Sydney, and then followed by UK for our final stop.


It would be a great adventure that I, myself, would never forget. It would be an adventure for me that could totally change my entire perception in vacation. Tell us your thoughts about adventure to other countries and comment it below.

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Review – Climbing Gears Guide for 2015

When you are looking for gears with best weight, versatility, durability, and most especially weather resistance, we are at the utmost important to provide you the best mountain climbing gear reviews in the country.

Here are some products that might meet and beat all the requirements you need in your next mountain climbing trip:


  1. Trango Catalyst 9.0


This one is under alpine and it is one of the top-notch dry finishes, lightweight and safety-increasing Unicore technology that is best for first time and experienced mountaineers in the country. There’s nothing this rope doesn’t do really, really well.


It has one of the highest fall ratings for a rope of this diameter (7 UIAA falls), and at 55 g/m, it weighs in at 8.5 lbs. for the 70-meter version. See it now in the market today and for your future mountain climbing adventure.


  1. Hanwag Friction GTX Boots


I have purchased this one before and to tell you honestly, it is really good particularly if you want to climb tall mountains for couple of hours. When you faced with hiking and climbing for about 10 miles wearing these straight out of the box, for sure you won’t get major blisters.


It is pleasant to your body type and when they fit perfectly, you’ll feel extremely comfortable from the moment you tried it on.


With a specialized clamping system at the ankle, the double adjustment allows for some serious fine-tuning in the fit, as you can change the foot and ankle independently.


  1. North Face Shadow 40 + 10


Looking for the right gear for your usual mountain climbing tools and stuffs? Load up now using this gear for a night at a base camp or on top of the mountain as well.


It has interior sundries pocket to save weight, and use the side compression straps to make it stable for climbing.


  1. Edelrid Wing Harness


Now, for a harness, if you are looking for a gear that can be pack small, light and can work well with your climbing trip, well, the Edelrid’s new Wing harness nails all three without sacrificing comfort.


It folds as flat as a shirt and disappears in your pack and it’s comfortable to wear while scrambling, hiking on approaches, or in between pitches.


  1. Petzl Summit Evo


For additional gear for your next climbing adventure, this tool is perfectly bridges the gap between a classic, straight-shaft axe for mountaineering use and an aggressive, curved-shaft tool for steep, technical ice.


Simply take this if your route is mostly glacier and snowfield travel peppered with a few short, steep sections.


  1. Brooks-Range Alpini Bivy Sack


Now for the best part, when you are looking for a waterproof gear that is very useful for your mountain climbing adventure next time, this one is for you. It has waterproof in sideways rain, completely rugged, no trade-offs for the light weight, and pretty roomy.


The large zipper opening made it easy to get into and out of, and it provided a nice, large ventilation option for muggier conditions. The best part of it is that it has no condensation here.


Overall, these gears are unique and useful in its different usage and it is all up to you to choose what you think is best for your needs. Comment below for your thoughts about our reviews!



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Introductory – Experiencing Mountain Climbing for the First Time


“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” —Edmund Hillary


I was in my mid-20s when I first experience mountain climbing with friends and it was in the Great Plains of South Dakota and we also went to North Dakota for another trip.


But, honestly speaking, at first I wasn’t that interested in climbing mountains, seeing the nature and stuff like that because I have never gone that long in the environment ever since I was in my adolescent and all throughout my college life. At first, I didn’t see the value about it and everything about it and I always find a reason to decline when my friends asked me to.


That was before I started mountain climbing. That was my first impression and thought about mountain climbing but later on, everything has changed. It is like mountain climbing changed me as a person and everything about me.


With my second experience, I fell in love with mountain climbing. When me and my friends reached the top of the mountain, we brought snacks and we ate our lunch there together with a great overlooking view of the whole place which is perfectly still pond and scenic landscape that would take your breath away.


How does it feel to climb the mountain for the first time?


I was like in a scene in a movie wherein I felt like I just conquered everything in my life.


Now, with no imagination as classifying myself as an expert hiker, just to be clear, most of our hikes with my co-mountaineers and with friends, our hikes would last for over 2 hours and sometimes 4 hours.


For this year, we have plans to climb the Mount Kilimanjaro or even to walk the Appalachian Trail if possible and if it can be included in our schedules.


Every Saturday we make we have an early morning walk for 3 to 5 miles along the park or in a near forest trail and then take our lunch in our backpack to include in our journey. I also recommend you do it as well so that you can experience what it is like to walk early in the morning.


It is a healthy physical exercise that creates wonderful memories. It provides opportunity to slow down and disconnect. And given the chance, hiking teaches us important truths about life.


Lessons I’ve Learned in Climbing Mountains:


  1. To be grateful in everything that you have in your life right now. Everything you experience and you have is a blessing from up above.


  1. It taught me the sense of an important obligation to those who will come after and the next generation.


  1. It reminded us every time that there are always new paths to be found in life and new things or happenings to discover and to be made.


  1. Mountain climbing sometimes taught us that quiet is the best noise you could ever hear when you are weary.


  1. And above all, it taught me that hiking can be a healthy fuel and it is important for our body to live longer. So if you can climb a mountain, it means you can do anything as well.


So if you haven’t tried mountain climbing and hiking, go climb a mountain now. For sure you’ll going to love it just like me.


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